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Coronavirus has taken over our world, our country, and our lives completely. The government has been left with no choice but to place the entire nation on a lockdown. It appears as if all the fiction books have shifted to the real-life category. While most of the national governments and supranational agencies are struggling to balance health, security, economic and social imperatives on the back of imperfect and evolving intelligence, it is always a governance challenge that may result in long-term consequences for communities and businesses. On top of this, they also need to accommodate human behavior.

Since IT companies are spread overseas, we are keenly aware of the impact of COVID-19. The growth of IT sectors has fallen down to 3-8% for the next financial year as per the Kotak Institutional Equities. Due to the impact of the pandemic, trade for India is estimated to be about $348 million and the country figures among the top 15 economies most affected as per the UN report. And India's information technology (IT) industry has been minimally impacted by $185 billion. As per the official report, it's also expected to be a hit of 0.3-0.5% on the GDP in the next fiscal year and growth in the first two-quarters of the next fiscal could be as low as 4-4.5%.

image courtesy: The Economic Times


In this pandemic, various industries will face lockdowns, and these are just more than testing times. The impact is unimaginable, and the chances of government intervention to float a surface should not be counted. Here are a few problems that industries would face during this pandemic:

1. Facility and office lockdowns

2. Unavailability of remote workplaces resources

3. Decreased productivity and performance

4. Disruption of global supply chains

5. Reduced cash flows for ongoing projects

It is imperative that the government would step in, however, in these testing times. Staqwise would like to extend its capacity to overcome some of these problems - esp in the outsourced product development space and cloud.

In the current scenario, Staqwise priority would be to shift your business to public cloud.

It is secured, advanced and has the capacity to scale and offer at a much lower cost than having it on an on-premise data center. This holds promise for a better future of your business as well as the future of your clients. Clients are preferring online shopping, e-banking, remote education, telehealth, and mobile entertainment while businesses are relying more on videoconferencing and online training. Technologies that are likely to get a boost, as a result, include 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), augmented and virtual reality, location technologies, cloud and entertainment localization, and robotics. Besides, moving to the cloud is preferred not only for costs but also from a scalability perspective.

Our team @STAQwise can develop customized products and enterprise solutions as per your business which permits remote workplace allowing your employees to maintain social distancing and reduce the spread of infection. Moreover, we can also migrate your applications to your preferred cloud to add further savings in your kitty. Employees can stay and work from home efficiently even if they are unwell or under quarantine. Trained team leaders can distribute the workflows, thereby maintaining the productivity and performance of your business.

To know how Staqwise can help, please, contact us TODAY!