UI and UX

At STAQwise we believe that any development should start with design and usability in mind, and hence our development process always follows a design first approach. It is easy to develop a system or to create a product that does what it is intended to do. However, to get users to actually enjoy the experience and to keep them engaged, the development must be preceded by a lot of research and usability study. Our Team of Designers have the ability to create captivating User experiences that leave the users amazed. A lot of research goes into defining the User Personas, User Journeys and creating storyboards before the Low and High fidelity prototypes are created. Since we follow such proven and robust methodologies, our creative team is able to deliver great designs with ease.


The first phase involves in-depth discussions and deep-dive into the business side of the product. We use human-centred design thinking process to to empathise with people, their needs, expectations and mental models.

UI-UX Discover Phase
  • Business

    We begin with understanding the company's vision and project goals.

  • Research

    We discover and interpret the right requirement for the right people setting forth the right design.

  • Personas

    We understand the specific needs of the target audience and deliver their value needs.


This phase deals with sketching the customer's journey and Information architecture to understand a structure & layout of the application. This phase maps out the interaction flow and structure of the app.

  • Journey Map

    We attain a design that makes an experience genuinely satisfying for users.

  • Information Architecture

    We organize the content to intuitively guide users in performing a desired action seamlessly.

  • Wireframe

    We draft Layout demonstrating the UI elements of the key pages.

UI-UX Wireframe Phase


Brand identity system is developed to translate the business' ethos into visual language. User Interface design involves designing high-fidelity mockups of the entire app. An interactive prototype of the product is produced for earlier validation.

UI-UX Design Phase
  • Hi - Fidelity wireframes

    Based on the feedback of wireframes, we create prototypes that give a better taste of what real UI elements might look like.

  • UI Design

    We then add various elements and graphics to make the product more appealing and user friendly to operate and navigate.

  • Prototype

    We test the product by creating a usable mockup for an initial feedback.


Once the mockups are realised, the subsequent process ensures proper implementation of the design. It is followed by continuous support and iterations.

  • Mood Board

    A lot of iterations, combinations and long talks make up the visual experience.

  • Visual Design

    We create details of product aesthetics shaped using imagery, colour, shape and typography.

  • Usability Testing

    The product is tested on actual users; iterated, refined and flavoured with brilliance.

UI-UX Usability Testing Phase
Tools that we use