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UI/UX Best Practices (Part II)


  1. Following user standards: Creativity should never lead to clutter. Users prefer familiarity more than creative design and to maintain familiarity it is necessary to follow basic standards. New and innovative design doesn't have to make the app or website difficult to use. There are certain icons or menus that users are familiar with like the search bars/ icons, hamburger menu, etc.
  2. Typography: The style and size of fonts used in the design are an important consideration especially while designing mobile apps. The contrast should be sufficient so that elements such as bright sunlight do not affect visibility. Buttons and click targets should be prominent enough to see and click.

  3. Enable data collection and analytics: Even though it is important for the design to be artistic, it is equally important for it to be optimized to meet the required objectives. User research and testing are necessary to guide your design decisions. Post-launch, this can be done by setting up analytic tools to collect and analyze user data and if required, make changes in the design if necessary.

  4. User Interaction: Users may interact with the interface either directly (by interacting with the interface elements of the product) or indirectly (by interacting with UI elements external to the product). Defining your users and determining the devices that they are likely to use is something that needs to be considered by the designer. For example, swiping would be comfortable for people with limited manual dexterity while common keyboard shortcuts would be convenient for people who primarily interact with the product using the keyboard.

  5. OS Friendly: Mobile apps have specific design guidelines depending on the OS. The basic difference between Android OS and iOS is that the former uses Material Design Language while the latter uses Human Interface guidelines. The design should respect the users&rsquo; comfortability in both operating systems.

An app or a website has only a few seconds to catch the attention of the visitor and UI/ UX design plays a very important role in deciding that. Our creative team at STAQwise can assist you in creating an intuitive, user-friendly and responsive interface for your app or website. Contact us at info@staqwise.com or check out some of our work on www.staqwise.com